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Entry #1


2011-02-06 11:26:04 by oIC3o8D

Someone Help Out The New Guy LoLx


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2011-02-06 13:27:39

Well first off, your probably guna forget your username in a while and yours doesn't really help this fiasco. To raise your lvl. Vote on 5 submissions to raise your lvl until you find one suitable foe you but there are better ones as you raise it up. Gud luk, enjoi your stay

oIC3o8D responds:

Ohhh ii doubt im going forget my user name & whats the use of ranking up & foes? & another question i have is how can you get paid fron this website?, is it by submitting work ?


2011-02-13 11:58:32

Welcome to NG! :D, to elaborate further you can vote on submissions and earn experience points to level up. Although leveling doesn't reall mean anything it just kinda gives you NG senority. Here on NG you can submit your own original art, flash, and audio files. Then if your lucky it might be put on the front page. You can also comment on other peoples work, and leave them some constructive criticism which helps earn you a good reputation . I hope you enjoy NG :)

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